Racer Info

Class Descriptions

"Thunder in the Valley" is run based on the rules put out by the NHRA in regards to safety and general procedures, but PLEASE keep in mind that this is NOT a sanctioned track and that we have different standards regarding insurance etc so there are some rules we apply that may be different. Among those includes

 A driver may only race in 1(one) class ,

 All drivers must be the sole occupant of the vehicle during a race

All drivers regardless of speed/class MUST wear a helmet.

Helmets must be SNELL 2005 or Newer.

SNELL 2000 helmets are now expired.

The most common are SNELL, and the 2005 dated helmets are good until 1/1/2017 and 2010 dated helmets are good until 1/1/2022.

 These are just a couple of examples, feel free to contact us if you want more information. Remember, this is what we would like to consider a "fun" weekend of racing, a bit of a break from the regular grind so please understand if things are not quite they are at your home track. Now lets go burn some rubber!

For NHRA ET Quick reference Chart on requirements click HERE:

This years program will remain the same as last year with time trials on Saturday and eliminations on Sunday.

SUPER PRO - all cars with electronics 11.49 - 7.50 sec

PRO - all cars 11.49 - 9.00 sec

MODIFIED - all cars 13.00 -11.50 sec

Sportsman - 13.01 - and slower

DOOR SLAMMERS - Qualifying time 8.70 sec

Drag Bikes - Experienced racers only. Limited field. All entrants must contact: Ken Morrison (e-mail madmanracing@shaw.ca) to enter

All entrants must abide by NHRA rules for the time the car will run. This will be strictly enforced and there will be NO exceptions. Please read the NHRA rulebook.