Important Message about "in town" behaviour

There was a meeting between the city, valley street rods  the AVDRA and the police.The discussion was about all the problems with burn-outs, smoke shows etc that take place around town. After much discussion about ways to control the situation before someone gets hurt (or worse)the following things will be done:

Our contribution will be to BAN anyone who participates in any of the illegal activities from racing at our event.

The police will have a stepped-up presence and will come down hard on any of these people.
It is truely sad that it has to come to this...... all because a few idiots have to show off. How long will it be before a big sponser decides they dont want to be associated with our event because of the problems it brings? or worse, what will happen if someone gets hurt or killed? I urge all of you to behave yourselves and if you know someone who is pulling crap, try to stop them.

Regarding camping off-site:

There is NO overnight camping allowed in the public parking lots.Part of our agreement with the regional district includes the stipulation that we do not allow camping outside of the airport gates. Please find alternative facilities.