Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I camp outside the airport?
A. There is absolutely NO camping in the public parking lots. Please camp at any of the numerous campgrounds in the area.Look at the "accommodations" page
Q. What kind of seating is available?
A. There are some bleachers available for fans. These are not covered so you may want to bring a hat to "beat the heat". Feel free to bring your own lawn chair to set alongside the dragstrip for great views.
Q. Is this something I can bring my kids to?
A. Absolutely! There are activities for the whole family to enjoy.
Q. Can I bring my dog?
A. No dogs are permitted on the grounds. We also don't recommend you leave him in the car as last year's temperatures reached 40 degrees. Fido will be much more comfortable at home, away from the heat and without the noise of the race cars ringing in his ears.
Q. How loud is it?
A. Love the sound of the engines! However, it can get loud. Earplugs are provided free of charge to all spectators if they desire. We recommend all children put in the plugs while along the strip.
Q. Where can I get my hands on a Thunder in the Valley T-shirt?
A. Thunder in the Valley T-shirts can be purchased from JAL Designs.
Contact: Rob Thomson at 250-723-5731 or
Q. Where can I buy high quality pictures of the Races?
A. You can purchase excellent pictures of previous years races from Phil Anker (phone 250-720-5310)
Q. How about liquor ?
A. Absolutely no liquor or smoking due to the dry conditions and fuel