Our History & Past Successes

The Alberni Valley Drag Race Association (AVDRA) began in 2001. The drag race association was born out of a passion for drag racing and a desire to highlight the beauty of Vancouver Island as a viable destination race location and the only 1/4 mile race track on Vancouver Island. When the drag race first began, it was held at the Alberni Valley Regional Airport and brought a significant amount of economic viability to the community through destination tourism, which directly increased the sales of local restaurants, pubs, hotels, gas stations and small businesses. In addition to bringing economic viability to the Alberni Valley, the drag race also fosters a strong sense of community through volunteerism and cross-pollination of local businesses and services available throughout Port Alberni.


Mission & Vision
The Alberni Valley Drag Race Association strives to bring the sport of drag racing to the Alberni Valley and to increase opportunities for economic growth, cultural capital, volunteerism and destination tourism.

Our Current Challenges and Roadblocks to Success
In 2016, the AVDRA was forced to leave its original location at the airport and relocate the race to downtown Port Alberni on 3rd Ave. Since the race has relocated, the AVDRA has suffered a substantial loss in revenue, community support, tourism and volunteerism. The new location is far from ideal as it only offers an 1/8 mile "track" which is not designed to be raced on as it one of the main streets used for local traffic and thus proposes a plethora of logistical and safety issues for racers and attendees. Subsequently, because the track is now smaller several classes of vehicles, namely the faster pro vehicles can no longer race at the new location as the track is not long enough and the road quality is not suitable for vehicles of this speed to race at the new location. It is for the reasons listed above and other reasons that will be outlined in this proposal, that the AVDRA is seeking to submit this formal proposal to the Regional Council in hopes to persuade Council to allow the drag race to return to the Alberni Valley Regional Airport.


Thunder in the Valley Drag Race at its Original Location - note each trailer or umbrella represents a vendor

Thunder in the Valley Stats at a Glance


Our Path Forward
In order to restore economic, and cultural capital to the AVDRA and the Alberni Valley, the Thunder in the Valley Drag race must be allowed to return to its original location at the airport. Relocating the drag race to the airport in and of itself does not require a specific timeline or additional money, but rather permission only to return. For the 2019 race season, the AVDRA would like to race from the middle of the current runway and focus long term, on improving the North end of the track which would be used as a permanent purpose driven venue for the AVDRA.

The AVDRA would like, with the partnership of the Regional District, to build a permanent venue for the AVDRA, which would focus on its annual Thunder in the Valley 1/4 mile drag race and would expand its racing portfolio to include 2-3 more annual races that would only be an 1/8 mile but run on the 1/4 mile track, which would bring additional substantial economic and cultural viability to the Alberni Valley. Our vision for the new track would include building several burnout boxes and any needed additional roadways or infrastructure.